Water Damage South Carolina

By | January 8, 2013

Restoration Services, Repair and Cleanup

Water damage South Carolina is never an easy thing to deal with, which is why there are home insurance companies and water damage restoration services operating in the state. If you are faced with a water damage problem, it helps to know that there are such companies who can help you out.

Water damage problems are quite common, especially in states like South Carolina where there is more rainfall than in other states. Rainfall is also more abundant in South Carolina’s upper piedmont, so homeowners in this part of the state are often advised to take precautionary measures.

That’s only half of the problem. Water damage is a threat not only caused by geography or natural disasters. Even manmade accidents such as faulty plumbing and defective water appliances can ruin your beloved home. Here are the most crucial parts of a water damage cleanup and how best to deal with them.

The Hardest Parts of A Water Damage Cleanup

One of the most complicated parts of cleaning a water damaged house is the drying process. This is usually the longest part of the entire restoration process. Drying is not the same as removing the water. Water and moisture can be retained on the surfaces and by your belongings. If this is not thoroughly dried out, the traces of moisture can lead to mold infestation.

You can speed up the process by bringing in fans and airconditioners, and opening all doors and windows to let air flow more freely through the house. If you cleaned up your home on your own, you don’t have to hire water damage services to dry it up; you can simply rent special equipment such as dehumidifiers and industrial fans.

Dealing with water damaged flooring can also be a challenge. Remember that it’s not enough to get rid of the water that’s on the surface of your floor. You also need to check the area underneath. This job can be difficult and requires the expertise and experience of floor installation experts. Most water damage repair companies offer floor replacement and repair as one of their various services.

A water damage cleanup can get more complicated than you initially think. It is understandable if you want to do the job yourself; water damage restoration services can cost quite a lot these days. However, if at any point during the operation, you find that you are not capable of implementing the necessary work or if you feel that your safety is being placed on the line, it would be more practical and wiser to call for professional help.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Some water damage incidents are covered by home insurance plans depending on the cause of the incidents. Thus, you may check if your insurance plan will pay for any professional service you avail of. If so, then you have no reason to attempt a DIY job. Some insurance plans are also more willing to provide coverage if you avail of professional water damage repair services.

They usually require receipts, cost estimates, and official damage reports from the water damage specialists before they approve an insurance claim. Make sure to consider all these factors when making a decision as to how to save your water damaged home in South Carolina.