Water Damage San Francisco

By | January 10, 2013

Restoration Services, Repair and Cleanup

Water damage San Francisco can spring from various possible causes. Some of these causes may be traced back to the lack of proper maintenance in the home. For example, a poorly maintained washing machine may malfunction, a sump pump may back up, or a water pipe may freeze and break due to the lack of sufficient insulation.

However, even the most stable and the most well-maintained homes can easily get damaged by accidental causes as well as natural disasters such as heavy rainfall and flooding. In San Francisco, the risk may heighten between October and April when the city receives much of its rainfall. However, San Francisco homeowners also need to watch out for subtropical moisture, which can raise the humidity levels in their homes.

There’s no way to predict when a water damage San Francisco incident will arise and how much damage this will do to your home. The best that you can do is to respond promptly to the problem.

Pipe Leakage and Other Tap Water Flooding Incidents

In case of a pipe leakage and other flooding problems that involve only tap water, you need to turn off or curb the source of flooding and start extracting the water even before your water damage service comes. Your water damage restoration service can take over in the drying process, the repairs, and the restoration. Not only will this help save you money, but it will also keep damage minimal.

Floodwater and Wastewater Problems

In case the problem is caused by floodwater or wastewater, do not enter the affected room. Call for a professional water damage cleanup team immediately. You should also place a call to your insurance provider so you will know what other preparations you have to make so you can receive financial help for the water damage repair.

The Dangers of Water Damage

Aside from the apparent trouble and disadvantage of getting your possessions wet and having to fix your home, a water damaged house can suffer from some irreversible consequences. The heaviest blow may be to the market value of your home, which may lessen considerably after such an incident especially if the problem was not properly resolved and thus caused structural damage in the property.

Aside from the danger to your property, water damage can also invite health and safety risks into your household.

But if you deal with the problem correctly, you can get away with the least possible damage.