Water Damage Emergency Service

By | January 8, 2013

Repairs by a Well-known Company or a Restoration Service

Having a reliable water damage emergency service prepared to respond to your call can give you the peace of mind that you know who to call in case a water disaster strikes.

There are times when you have plenty of time to gather your bearings and find the best company there is to help you with the water damage cleanup, repair, and restoration of your home. However, there are also many possible circumstances that can put your house at risk of sudden water damage.

For example, a blown pipe can flood an entire floor of your house within a few hours if the flow of water is not stopped immediately. Non-stop heavy rains that go on for hours can also cause the same disastrous effects.

The worst part is that you cannot control both causes; you won’t know when pipes will suddenly break for one reason or another, and you won’t know when the raining will bring some flooding with it. This is why, in most cases, water damage catches homeowners by surprise.

How to Identify A Reliable Water Damage Emergency Service 

Nowadays, your first source of water damage emergency services is the Internet, but you can also look for them in your local phone book. In case of an emergency, even though you don’t have a lot of time to choose and compare different companies, this does not mean you can just choose the first company listed on the phone book. Your water damage helper should at least meet the following basic criteria. Choosing the wrong company can be more costly for you in the end.

24-hour water damage emergency service. Not all water damage companies in the phone book offer 24-hour emergency service. In case of an emergency, you need to find a company that can send experienced people to your house as soon as you call them up. Do not settle for a company that promises to send their water damage experts in a few hours.

If the emergency happened at night or in the wee hours of the morning, the ideal contractor should nevertheless be there regardless of the time. This way, the repairs and restoration can start as soon as possible to keep the damage from getting worse. A few hours of delay can already make a huge difference in the amount of damage water can do to your beloved home.

IICRC seal of approval. IICRC or the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification is an organization that oversees companies in the water damage industry. The IICRC has released a set of guidelines that should be met to ensure the quality of water damage restoration.

It is best to look for a company with the IICRC seal of approval or ask the company if they have one before you avail of their services. Most IICRC certified companies will offer 24/7 water damage emergency service already since this is one of the certification requirements.

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Dealing with Emergencies Before They Happen 

You really never know when a water damage emergency will occur, so it is best to know in advance which company you can turn to. Unfortunately, people do not usually go looking for a water damage service when they don’t need it. And when the time of need arises, the first thing they do is panic.

Thus, it is best to keep a lookout for companies that offer such services in your area so you know who to call just in case. If you don’t have any contacts, a quick search online or through the phone book can help you locate some water damage service providers in your location. But even if you have to act fast, you also have to act carefully and intelligently so you will find a water damage emergency service that you can trust.