Water Damage Columbia

By | January 9, 2013

Restoration Services, Repair and Cleanup

Water damage Columbia is not a major threat in one of the country’s best places to retire, as it has been called in the past. Unfortunately, the threat of water damage cannot be completely ignored.

Though Columbia is not prone to heavy rainfall and major flooding disasters, the city is nevertheless at risk of flooding due to its geographical location. Columbia lies near the Congaree River and the confluence of the Saluda and Broad rivers.

In a water damaged home, one of the greatest dangers is the formation of health-hazardous elements such as mold and bacteria. This often happens if the elements of the house such as floors, walls, and even furniture absorbs moisture and do not dry completely. The moist environment then provides bacteria the ideal breeding ground.

So not only can water damage destroy your home and belongings, but it can also put a damper on your good health. It is important for Columbia homeowners to know how to find the city’s water damage specialists.

First Step: Water Damage Removal

The first type of service in cleaning water damaged homes is a water damage removal. This refers to the removal of the water and of any dirt and mud it may have left behind. The process is only completed when the entire house is completely void of moisture. Professional water damage services in Columbia may bring in heavy equipment, such as blowers, dehydrators, vacuums, and submersible pumps, to speed up this process.

After the water is gone, the restoration process begins. Experienced companies, however, still conduct moisture or water sensing procedures to check whether any moisture is still left. If necessary, the house may be mold treated to prevent any health risks.

Second Step: Water Damage Restoration

Restoration involves recovering and rebuilding the house to return it to its original state before the damage occurred. This includes repairing or replacing floorings and walls, as well as cleaning the contents of the home including upholstery, carpets, curtains, and so on. Even if you cleanup and repair but you do not properly restore, clean, and deodorize these items, your home will still be vulnerable to bad odor and health hazards.

Choosing Water Damage Contractors in Columbia

The government doesn’t have regulations or standard procedures in the water damage restoration process, but two organizations namely the IICRC and the RIA have some recommendations. Some organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau, also evaluate and accredit companies to determine which companies are most reliable. As much as possible, your preferred water damage Columbia contractor should meet the standards and recommendations of these three certifying bodies.