Water Damage Bridgeport

By | January 9, 2013

Restoration Services, Repair and Cleanup

Water damage Bridgeport can be disastrous for the residents of the Connecticut state’s most populous city. Bridgeport faces a constant risk of water disasters due to the many possible causes of such incidents, plus the city’s rather diverse weather. The city experiences the heaviest threat of water damage caused by natural flooding in March, which is its wettest month with an average of 4.15 inches of rain.

During all other months, Bridgeport homeowners should watch out for the other causes of water damage, such as high humidity levels especially if they have basements, leaking or broken pipes, faulty sump pumps or sewage drains, and even malfunctioning dishwashers or laundry machines. In case any of these problems do hit your Bridgeport home, water damage restoration services are in order.

Major Dangers in a Water Damage Problem in Bridgeport

Water damage problems not properly resolved can bring major danger to your home and to your entire household. When water enters a home, the flooding can ruin your furniture, flooring, and walls. Any books, fabric, upholstery, and carpeting can also be susceptible to mold infestation.

Also, if the water leaks from the upper floors, even your ceiling may get compromised. Aside from that, water can penetrate through or even cause the corrosion of electrical equipment and wiring, thus introducing a serious safety hazard in your home.

If the water came from outside, such as in a natural flooding disaster or a sewage problem, it may bring harmful contaminants such as asbestos and so on. If you decide to hire professionals to clean up and restore your home, look for a company that can provide instant service and can give you an itemized report of all the work that needs to be done in your home. There is a wide range of water damage services, and not all of them may be necessary for your specific case.

Why Hire the Professionals? 

Professional water damage repair contractors can help by providing immediate and 24-hour response so that the problem is resolved in the soonest possible time. They can efficiently extract standing water with the use of high-powered equipment and also do necessary treatment procedures to make your home not just water-free but also completely safe and healthy for residence again.

These professionals know how to handle a water damaged house and its various hazards, including electrical and structural risks. They can also provide specialized services such as deodorizing, in case the water problem left an unpleasant smell in your home, and disinfecting, in case the water is severely contaminated.