Mold Removal Products

By | November 30, 2013

To Help Make Your Home Safe, Mold-Free, and Healthy

Mold removal products serve as your last resort in getting rid of mold and mildew that are sharing your home with you. If you don’t want to hire mold and water damage specialists, your last remaining option is to DIY with the help of over the counter products. Since the stakes are quite high, these products need to be especially effective.

Mold removal products come in different types. The most effective ones are industrial grade products like the ones a professional water damage restoration service may use. However, they can be costly or hard to use.

They may not also be safe to be used repeatedly at home without professional supervision. On the other hand, there are products that are really designed to be used by DIY homeowners. Just make sure that the products have an EPA seal or other certification showing that it is safe and friendly to be used in your household.

Vacuum Cleaner and Vapor Steam Cleaners

To remove mold, you will need some equipments such as a vacuum cleaner or a vapor steam cleaner. Since it is not safe to come into contact with mold, using a vacuum cleaner to suck it up from the affected surfaces will make the removal easier and safer.

A vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter is also especially effective as it an suck in even spores and other impurities in the air, making sure that mold spores do not linger in the room.

A vapor steam cleaner, on the other hand, not just removes mold but also disinfects and deodorizes the affected areas. This way, they will be safe from harmful bacteria and you will also get rid of the moldy smell.

Dehumidifiers, Air Filters, and Purifiers

Removing air from various surfaces in your home is often not enough. To remove mold for good, you will need products such as dehumidifiers, air filters, and purifiers. This is because you also have to eliminate the spores in the air to prevent mold from growing again, which can be done most effectively with the help of an air purifier.

You also need to get rid of any remaining dampness and regulate the humidity levels in your home to make sure mold doesn’t find any new place to thrive on. A dehumidifier can help maintain the relative humidity level below 50% since higher humidity levels will provide enough moisture for mold to survive.

Home Remedies

You may also want to look into some home remedies you can use to remove mold from your house. These are natural products that use nature’s own ingredients to fight against mold. These products are cheap, easily accessible, and effective most of the time.

One of the most commonly used is tea tree oil, which can actually kill mold and mildew instantly and can keep them from growing again. All you need is to dilute it in water and spray or pour it onto the affected surfaces. Since it is a natural ingredient, you can spray it without worrying about any toxic substances. Tea tree oil, however, usually leaves a strong smell afterwards, which is why some people prefer to use vinegar or citric oil.

Vinegar has a less harsh smell that can easily be elimninated by mixing it with some baking soda, while citric oil has a pleasant citrus scent. Citric oil is almost as effective as tea tree oil but requires periodic application to prevent future growth. Vinegar also has a high acidic content that proves deadly to mold.

What about Commercial Liquid Mold Cleaners? 

One of the most common types of mold removal products is the liquid mold cleaner. These are mostly temporary remedies that can kill off existing mold, but they don’t do much when it comes to mold prevention. Some experts also do not recommend spraying liquid mold cleaners at home frequently as these may contain harmful chemical ingredients that can do more harm than good.