How To Clean, Dry, Repair And Disinfect Electronic Media

By | January 9, 2013

If you want to know how to clean, dry, repair and disinfect electronic media to full glory right at the comfort of your own home after water damage, you must read on.

Contrary to popular beliefs, electronic media such as cellphones, mp3 players, computer components, etc. can be restored if the problem is addressed immediately. If you are able to salvage these devices between 3 to 4 days, success rate will be high.

Salvaging your iPhone

The objective here is to get rid of the water in your iPhone. Before doing so, turn your phone off, remove the battery, and wipe dry. You can put your iPhone in a zip lock bag with silica gel. Leave it in for 2-3 days. You can also place your zip locked phone in a container with uncooked rice. If these methods are unavailable to you, air-dry your phone for about a week. Never use heating devices to dry your iPhone as this can cause more damage.

Make sure the phone is completely dry before trying it – if not you can expect a short circuit and the probability that you will never get to use your iPhone again. If you have managed to restore your phone successfully, connect it to your PC and open the iTunes program. Click the ‘Restore’ option.

Fixing your iPod

iPod devices such as the Shuffle, Nano and Touch are prone to suffer from unexpected water damages such as falling into the washing machine or the pool. If this happens to your electronic device, the first thing to do is to turn it off to prevent the event of a short circuit. Dry the iPod by shaking it carefully to. Wipe thoroughly with a clean. You can also air-dry the device in a dry place. Again, don’t use blowers to prevent adding insult to injury.

If you feel that you are competent enough in disassembling your iPod, then do so, but remember that this will render the Apple warranty void. Once you have detached the device, wipe the components with dry cloth and seal in bag exposed to silica gel or uncooked rice for immediate drying.

Restoring computer devices

Unfortunately, recovering the data from water-damaged computer devices such as diskettes and hard drives can be quite hard. As for damaged hard drives, you need to seek the help of a professional to save your important files.

But for the outdated floppy disk, you need to clean it with a cleaning solution before trying to retrieve your files. Cleaning it well prevents a ‘head crash’ from ever happening. Start by removing the diskette from the jacket by cutting the edge with scissors. Wear gloves before removing the diskette. Dunk in water and dry with towels. Place the diskette into a new jacket and copy the files to your computer.

Saving music devices

To save a cassette, dismantle it and wash the reel with lukewarm water. You can clean dirty reels by adding detergent. Air-dry the cassette vertically or place it on absorbent paper. You can also replace the reel if the previous one has suffered from extensive damage. For phonodiscs and records, dry them as if you’re drying paper.

Electronic media harbor special information, which might be hard to replace. So at the first sign of water damage to your iPhone, iPod and other electronic devices, apply these tips right away.