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By | November 23, 2014

Considerations for Mine Subsidence Insurance 17 What If Mine Subsidence Damage Occurs? 18 Contacts for Additional Information 19 Acknowledgments 19 Home insurance policies for residents living in counties where a large percentage of the underground mining has occurred

This brochure contains general information about underground mining and mine subsidence. If your home is in an area where underground coal and clay mining Get Mine Subsidence Insurance. paMSI.org Mine Subsidence Insurance is a non-profit fund administered by the Commonwealth’s Mine

Offer of Mine Subsidence Insurance Coverage This constitutes an offer to include optional mine subsidence insurance coverage in your property insurance policy if the policy covers a one to four family

The Mine Subsidence Insurance program of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is located in McMurray, Wash-ington County, Pennsylvania. home or office in western Pennsylvania is "Lots" of Danger! Property Buyer's Guide to Land

Customer Information for Mine Subsidence Insurance (This is not an application) ADDRESS OF STRUCTURE TO BE INSURED Address: City: State: PA Zip Code: County:

1 Subsidence – An Unsettling Problem Fundamental changes are taking place in respect of the attitude of the insurance industry to subsidence claims, whereby there is a movement abroad to seek a more cost effective

OHIO MINE SUBSIDENCE INSURANCE UNDERWRITING ASSOCIATION ANNUAL REPORT January 2001 Through December 2001 TABLE OF CONTENTS Abandoned Underground Mines individuals for home heating to huge operations extending for several square miles.

Insurance for Properties that have suffered from Subsidence If your home has been affected by Subsidence, landslip of heave or your property is in an area that

home insurance soaring. Subsidence can adversely affect your home insurance premium for years to come with a significant increase in some cases. D Inherited historical hazard Typically, many subsidence problems are historic

Insurance companies must offer mine subsidence insurance in counties where mines are located – for consumers who have more than one policy with the same insurance company, such as home and car insurance. companies that sell basic property insurance in Illinois fund the plan.

Illinois Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund Page 3 November, 2012 Circular 03 (11/2012) Residential Rate Schedule Coverage and Premium Schedule for Residential Property

Home Insurance Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement These Supplementary Product Disclosure Statements (Supplementary PDS) update, and should be read with, the

Property owners can obtain insurance against potential subsidence risk or loss. Standard homeowners’ and “all risk” insurance policies usually exclude coverage for losses caused by mine subsidence. Pennsylvania established the Mine Subsidence

PROTECTING YOUR HOME FROM SUBSIDENCE DAMAGE. a long-term problem and you should immediately consult your insurance company. 5 Fig 1. Relative Subsidence Hazard of Full-grown Tree, i.e. Safe distance (metres) from tree to building.

Subsidence Flood Insurance Because of the potential for catastrophic losses, private insurance companies are reluctant to assume your home, how you have used insurance in the past or your financial condition . Underwriting standards

Has any neighbouring home ever subsided? Yes No provided in connection with it will be relied upon by us in deciding whether to accept this insurance. Signature Date Subsidence, Subsidence Questionnaire.qxd Author: millss Created Date:

Customer Information for Mine Subsidence Insurance (This is not an application) ADDRESS OF STRUCTURE TO BE INSURED Address: City: State: PA Zip Code: County:

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AAMI Home Building Insurance if you purchase this product from us. Before you decide to buy this product from us, please read this PDS carefully.

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