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By | July 27, 2015

O2 Recycle Vs Mazuma Vs Envirophone To Sell phones
We thought we’d take a look at three of the most well known mobile phone buying companies, O2 Recycle vs. Mazuma vs. Envirophone, I received an email to say the phone was water damaged and therefore reduced by £45 in price.

Anyone Sold Mobile On Mazuma Or Envirophone? – BabyandBump
Be healthy – not crushed or waterdamaged So, to them it wouldnt be classed as fully functional? Where as envirophone says Is your phone damaged? Trade it in as normal, it can be worth anything up to 90% of the full value.

Water damaged phone – What Are My Options – Hot UK Deals
Hello I have a water damaged phone. Can anybody tell me what are my options The repair centre will not take it as water corrodes the motherboard and everything – Read More

Envirofone Scam? 10 Real Facts To Know Before Recycling
If your device is broken / water damaged, Envirofone will take the time to individually assess your phone and will offer you a lower quote based on how damaged your phone is. What do you think about the post Is Envirofone a Scam? 10 REAL Facts You Need To Know?

Envirofone damaged phone? – Page 3 – MoneySavingExpert.com Forums
Page 3- Envirofone damaged phone? Consumer Rights I have a problem with envirophone also, I sent them a phone which i was told it was worth £60 in an argos voucher and after a month I had not heard from them so after a telephone I new my phone was not water damaged as I

Envirofone Reviews – Www.envirofone.com | Mobile Phone
Read 8271 customer reviews of the Envirofone – www.envirofone.com & compare with other Mobile Phone Recycling at Review Centre

EnviroPhone – Whats The Most Expensive phone To Sell? | Yahoo …
EnviroPhone – Whats the most expensive phone to sell? Envirophone should be called robaphone. They give £20 for phones that sell for £100 anywhere else . How do i tell if my phone is water damaged?

Triggered Water Damage Indicator Doesn't Rule Out Replacement …
This, supposing you didn't actually dunk your phone. Triggered Water Damage Indicator Doesn't Rule Out Replacement iPhones. Jason Chen Profile Follow Apple's changed their technical support rules on the Liquid Contact Indicator that's inside just about all iOS devices so that even if

If You Sell A phone On envirophone Does It Have To Work?
If you sell a phone on envirophone does it have to work? Where can you sell your water damaged phone? In mobile phone recycling companies. 2 people found this useful Where is the envirophone shop for to sell your mobile?

Damaged Mobiles | Envirofone (Envirophone)
We accept damaged phones Not sure of the damage? Sell the phone as normal and we’ll take a look when it arrives. We test each phone individually so you get an individual price

Envirofone damaged phone? – MoneySavingExpert.com Forums
Envirofone damaged phone? #1 ; 19th May 09, 10:17 PM Envirofone damaged phone? 19th May 09 at 10:17 PM #1 ; Hi all I found this thread after searching for "envirophone scam" because I wondered if others had had the same problem.

Will envirophone Buy Your phone If It Is Broken? | Yahoo Answers
They will offer £10 not working and £20 working so id rather used envirophone, Will envirophone buy your phone if it is broken? I will say from experience though that water damage usually gets a BER grade meaning £0.

envirophone Iphone 4s water damage
Fixing a water damaged iPhone 4S. There are no guarantees, but if your iPhone's gone for a swim, then this is worth a try. http://www.zdnet.com/article/fixing-a-waterdamaged-iphone-4s/#!

Mobile Phone Recycling | Sell My Phone | Envirofone
Get the best value for your device with Envirofone's mobile phone recycling. Now getting cash for your phone is easy with fast payment options & FREE P&P.

Terms And Conditions | Envirofone (Envirophone)
Your mobile phone/device is damaged or does not comply with these Terms and Conditions; or 5.1.6 your mobile phone not be barred or water damaged; and 5.2.5 appear in our online guide; and 5.2.6 be of UK or European

Envirophone? – Off Topic Discussion – 350Z & 370Z UK
Envirophone? – posted in Off Topic Discussion: So i then decided to send the other phone, Got a email today saying it had a damaged chassis and they where only offering £165. So out of principle i asked for it to be returned.

Envirophone – Netmums
I have used envirophone before and found them to be very good, however this weekend I sent off my iPhone 4 with the online quote of £220, but now they are only going to pay £77 as after testing have said it is water damaged.

Envirofone Wonga – Safe Getting Cash From Wonga Man?
Can you send broken phones in Envirofone envelopes? It is not to say that if your phone is damaged, you can no longer send it and get your Envirophone wonga.

Envirofone (Envirophone) Blog
February 25, 2015 ezf_blog_admin. The presents and fanfare of Christmas are a dim and distant memory but the low bank balance and belt tightening are all too real. Search below for your mobile phone to see how much its Worth.

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