Commercial Water Damage

By | September 13, 2013

Tips On Taking Action

Commercial water damage can be even more expensive than what the homeowner experiences. Water damage doesn’t just affect homeowners, but it also affects business properties. There are a variety of things that can be damaged in the commercial property, which can be extremely expensive to replace due to water damage.

There are a lot of areas that must be cleaned within 12 to 24 hours of the commercial water damage or other problems of mold, mildew, or bacteria begin to build up which can cause assorted health problems with the employees or tenants of the building. Some of the items that can be damaged and actions that should be taken include the following…

Vacuum the carpet and carpet pads

The water must be removed with a water vacuum as soon as possible, and dehumidifiers and fans placed in the area to help accelerate the process of drying the carpet. If the water has saturated the carpet for several days, it may be more expedient to simply replace the carpet.

Replace the ceiling tiles 

If the water accumulation has been caused from a leaky roof, plumbing, or air conditioning pipe, and it has damaged ceiling tiles, there is really no way to repair the tiles. The only solution is to replace the tiles.

Use dehumidifiers and fans to dry the wall 

The excess water must be removed and dehumidifiers and fans should be placed in the room to help dry the wall. If the moisture has been present for some time before it was discovered, the best solution may be just to replace the damaged section in the drywall. If it can be dried thoroughly before mold or mildew begins to grow, it should also be treated with a disinfectant or sanitizer. The wall cavity should be ventilated and sanitized if the drywall section has to be replaced.

Furniture – Change it or repair it! 

If furniture is damaged from excess water, generally the surplus water can be removed with a water vacuum, and then the pieces should have a dehumidifier, along with fans or heaters (depending on the season) to help dry the furniture. It may take a restoration professional to make any additional furniture repairs.


Depending on the surface various treatments may be required after the excess water is removed. Find out from a water damage professional as to which method works best for the various types of floors.


Generally these have to be sent to a drycleaners or replaced. If they can be laundered, then wash and dry them thoroughly before placing them back on the windows.

There are many things that can be damaged in commercial buildings from broken pipes, stopped up plumbing, or water leaks. When people are confronted with commercial water damage the professionals are best to determine the solution to clean and restore the surface.